Kingdom Group Strategic Planning
Strategic planning

20192021 “Three-Year Strategy”: Corporate Structure Optimization and Philanthropic Causes.Kingdom upgrades its “ three-year strategy” to “3124” and aims to develop a sustainable real estate brand by improving the partnership structure inside the company and gaining a great market share, while controlling the corporation’s debt ratio to keep interest expenses low.Looking into the future, Kingdom will continue to adhere to the corporate principles of “people-oriented, honest development, continuous innovation, brand building” and strives to contribute to the rise of Anhui and Central China.

Urban construction and humanities construction are accompanied, and corporate responsibility illuminates social responsibility. In the process of participating in urban construction, Golden Land Group has participated in various public welfare undertakings for many years, actively donated funds to study, and strived to practice socialist core values and win the society. Respect and praise from all walks of life. Looking forward to the future, Anhui Jindadi Group will continue to adhere to the corporate tenet of “people-oriented, honest development, continuous innovation, and brand building”, and is committed to “becoming a sustainable brand real estate enterprise”. It is unremittingly striving to realize the rise of Anhui and the rise of Central China.

  • 1997

    Foundation in Huainan

    Kingdom originated and completed the first real estate project – the office and training center of National Geotechnical Department

  • 2003

    Expansion to Hefei

    Kingdom launched the Hefei Millennium Sky project and officially entered Hefei real estate landscape

  • 2006

    Building Excellence

    Kingdom’s project Golden Land-Global City, as the only nominee from Anhui Province, received the Chinese Real Estate Oscar Prize- “China International Real Estate & Architectural Technology Fair”

  • 2010

    Leading in the Business

    Kingdom Launched the Golden Land 1912 project, blowing a clarion call to march into commercial real estate landscape

  • 2016

    Strategic Upgrade 

    After a thorough assessment of situation and trends in the industry, Kingdom’s board proposed “3312” development strategy

  • 2017

    Continuous Growth

    Kingdom expanded to the national real estate market of China and lead by premium quality 

  • 2018

    Focus on Core Competitiveness 

    Kingdom continues to optimize organizational structure and to strengthen core competence while completing successful project around China

  • 2019

     Evolution of a Sustainable Brand 

    Kingdom sets the goal to become a sustainable real estate brand